Time to go home. 
We've just left Nathan and Sophie. They're heading to Cuzco whilst we return to Lima aboard a night bus. 
We fly back to France in two days and we already have a busy work schedule awaiting our return.
So before plummeting back into our non-stop Parisian life, we are making the most of this stop in Lima to write about our adventure.

For us, it was an immense pleasure to share a part of Nathan and Sophie's trip. 
We wanted to share their day to day rhythm, which is why it was important for us to come with similar equipment : bikes, tent, stove etc.
On the way out, we thought we were going on holiday. On the way back, it would be more appropriate to call it an adventure. 

We have lots of admiration for Sophie and Nathan because travelling as they are is not an easy feat. To travel by bike, of course you need to be physically fit, but most importantly you need a steely determination. You need to be able to leave your confort zone, and wear the same t-shirt for four months. You need to accept that everything permanently changes around you; when you've just got used to one place, you are already leaving. It is also about accepting to live with the minimum: there's no space to take all the beautiful things you come across along the way with you. 
You need to accept to be constantly at the mercy of the weather, a rain shower can compromise your plans for the day. And most of all, it's about accepting life in the extreme : sweating in the uphills whilst freezing in the descent; finding that the night falls to quickly and the day starts too early. In fact, traveling like they do seems like a lifetime in a day. 
In the same day, we laugh, we cry, we eat four times the normal amount, and we sleep like babies for twelve hours.

If we are impressed by the way they've adapted, we are even more so by their consistently fresh outlook and their energy after five months of travelling. 
Whilst we are very happy to go back to our slippers in Paris, their biggest desire is to keep on exploring. Tireless and still marvelling at everything, as if their trip had started a week ago. 

We wish them a long and beautiful journey, even if we can't wait for them to come home. 

Manon & Pierre